Out to look for honey, youths find gold coins instead in southern India

Out to look for honey, youths find gold coins instead in southern India

Three youths, who had gone out to look for honey to the ancient Ankamma temple on a hill in southern India’s Andhra Pradesh were surprised to find a metal point which was full of gold coins.

This incident happened in Chittepalli village of Sri Potti Sriramulu Nellore district on May 7.

Visuals showed the recovered gold coins and also the ornaments which were made from them. The cops recovered Rs 14 lakhs ($ 16,949.46) in cash along with 21 thulas of gold, 63 large gold coins and 436 small gold coins. The several ornaments that were made from gold included chains, rings and also bangles. According to a report, the cops conducted an investigation after learning about this incident. They initially acted on information received about the metal pot which was later thrown into a pond. Using 10 sharp swimmers, the cops searched for the pot but didn’t find anything. Later, the gold coins were recovered from Chennai, where they were sold.

The three accused in this incident were identified as G Ajith (27), G Amaran (29), and K Venkateshwarlu (28). They settled off their debts with the money they made from the gold and also purchased a car and an auto-rickshaw, both of which were seized by the police.

The District Superintendent of Police (DSP) Veeranjeya Reddy also urged people to not commit unsocial activities and warned against not going up and digging these places, which would then be followed by punishment.


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