Police save scooter driver’s life through CPR in western India

Police save scooter driver’s life through CPR in western India

Location Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Date: 2023-06-06

A police officer in western India’s Gujarat, transformed into a lifesaver when he saved a scooter rider’s life by administering CPR.

The incident took place in Ahmedabad district on June 6.

Visuals shown on the side of the road, an elderly man experiencing a heart attack was being tended to by a police officer who was administering CPR. Surrounding them were two other police officers, focused and alert.

The scene depicted a sense of urgency and determination as they worked together to save the man’s life. The officer performing CPR displayed a calm yet determined expression, his hands positioned firmly on the man’s chest, while the other officers maintained a watchful stance, ready to assist in any way necessary.

According to reports on the afternoon of June 6th, a person passing through the road suddenly felt pain in his chest. He immediately stopped his scooter and sat there. By that time, the traffic police noticed him. Just by looking at him, the police officer had an idea about the situation.

Two police officers were present at the scene. One administered CPR to the person, while the other immediately called for an ambulance. Due to CPR, the person regained consciousness. However, the ambulance had already arrived at the location. The person was provided with primary care, and his life was saved.


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