Quick action by disaster response team rescues injured in crane accident in northern India

Quick action by disaster response team rescues injured in crane accident in northern India

A crane accident in northern India’s Uttarakhand led to a dramatic rescue operation by the State Disaster Response Force (SDRF).

The incident took place near Saknidhar, Kodiyala, Tehri Garhwal district on June 20.


Visuals showed rescuers descended into the steep gorge, braving treacherous terrain to reach victims trapped in a car and crane wreck. Carefully hoisting injured individuals on stretchers, the team demonstrated bravery and precision, stabilising them with first aid before moving to ambulances. Their swift action averted further tragedy.

The incident occurred when a crane, towing a Swift car, lost its brakes and plunged into a deep gorge, creating a perilous situation for the occupants of both vehicles.

Upon receiving the emergency call, an SDRF unit led by Sub-Inspector Neeraj Chauhan promptly departed from the Byasi post to the accident site. The team quickly initiated rescue operations in coordination with the local police, demonstrating remarkable efficiency and expertise.



The first priority for the SDRF team was the Swift car, which contained two passengers. The vehicle had fallen approximately 200 meters into the gorge and was precariously lodged on the hillside, threatening to fall further. The SDRF team, displaying quick reflexes and adept skills, managed to extricate the trapped passengers. They provided immediate first aid on-site before rushing the injured individuals to the nearest hospital in Devprayag, ensuring their timely medical treatment.

Following the successful rescue of the car passengers, the team turned their attention to the crane, which had descended 150 meters into the gorge. Two individuals were trapped inside the crane, one of whom was severely injured. The SDRF team descended into the gorge, reached the critically injured victim, and performed a rope rescue operation to safely bring the individual to the surface. First aid was administered before transferring the victim to the hospital. Another person had already been rescued by local residents and police prior to the SDRF’s arrival.

The rapid and efficient response by the SDRF averted a potential tragedy and saved all lives involved. The team’s swift action and proficient handling of the rescue operations were crucial in ensuring the safety of the victims and preventing further escalation of the situation.

Details of the injured: Parvinder Singh, 20, from Mohali, Punjab; Gurjeet Singh, 31, from Mohali, Punjab; Sanjay, 31, from Srinagar, Pauri;  Johnny, 31, driver, from Srinagar, Pauri.

SDRF rescue team included: SI Neeraj Chauhan, HC Prem Bisht, Constable Vikram Chauhan, Constable Anil Chauhan, Constable Amit Nautiyal, Paramedics Sandeep Raturi, Driver Nandkishor.

The SDRF’s swift and proficient action prevented a major disaster and ensured the safety of all involved.

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