Cow rescued from pond by rescuers in central India

Cow rescued from pond by rescuers in central India
A cow stuck in a pond in central India’s Madhya Pradesh was successfully rescued after several hours of coordinated efforts by local cow protectors and home guard staff.
The incident took place near Riwa Road Mazaar in Shahdol district on June 19.
Visuals showed in the darkness of the night, the rescue team waded into the pond with the help of torches. The cow, trapped and sinking deeper, was their focus. Through coordinated effort and determination, they navigated the murky waters and successfully pulled the cow to safety.


In a heartwarming display of community spirit, a cow that had become trapped in a pond was rescued after hours of dedicated efforts. The incident came to light when locals noticed the distressed animal struggling in the water and immediately sought help.
After receiving the information, Atal Kamdhenu Gausewa Sansthan quickly responded to the scene. Gaurav Ralhi Mishra, Sarthak Mishra, Rajesh Singh Rajput, and Abhijeet Dwivedi, all well-known for their work in cow protection, promptly arrived. Alongside them, members of the home guard staff also came to lend their support. The team worked tirelessly, strategizing and coordinating their efforts to safely extricate the cow from the pond.
The rescue operation was challenging, requiring careful planning to ensure the safety of both the rescuers and the cow. The team utilized ropes and other equipment to gradually pull the cow out of the water. After several hours of persistent effort, their hard work paid off as they successfully brought the cow to safety.
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