Rescue operation safely retrieves 13-foot python in northern India

Rescue operation safely retrieves 13-foot python in northern India

A massive python was captured and released later after it ventured into the fields in northern India’s Uttarakhand.

The incident took place at Ismailpur village of Haridwar district on May 5

Visuals showed the efforts being made to capture the python. The rescuers are seen carrying the python and it had to be subdued with the help of bamboo sticks. The size of the snake was massive and it made the rescue operation even more difficult. Later, it was released into the wild.

Speaking to Newslions. Sailendra Negi, Range Officer, Haridwar & Lasker said “When the nearby farmers saw the python, they were shocked to see the giant python. The forest department was immediately informed. As soon as the information was received, the team of Laksar Forest Department led by him reached the spot and started rescuing the python at 10 am. The python hiding in the bushes was rescued after immense effort by 12 pm”.

He also added saying that, this python was about 13 feet long and its weight was around 1.25 quintals, hence it took time for the forest workers to rescue it, but with the help of the villagers, the forest workers successfully rescued the giant python and released it in the forest area.

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