Scary moment mobile phone explodes mid repair in northern India

Two men had a close encounter with death after a mobile phone exploded mid-repair at a shop in northern India’s Haryana.

The incident took place at the Dream Mobile shop, located inside the Palika Bazar in Rohtak city of the eponymous district on March 10.

Visuals, caught on a CCTV camera, showed two men sitting close, while one was working on the mobile phone, when the device suddenly explodes with flames coming out. The men were caught by surprise as they sprang up from their chairs and threw the device away.

Soon, people started to gather outside the shop to check on them. The men seemed okay after the explosion.

However, speaking to Newslions Media Network, Sumit Rohilla, the owner of the shop said he sustained minor burns.

“I was opening the mobile battery when it exploded all of a sudden,” Rohilla said.

Fortunately, it was limited to the minor burn as no other mishap was reported.

“I still don’t know how it happened,” the owner added.

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