Thief walks away with mobile phone from shop in eastern India

Left unguarded, a miscreant seized his opportunity and stole a mobile phone from a shop in eastern India’s West Bengal.

The incident took place at Sai Hardware, a store in Debidanga area of Siliguri, on March 12.

Visuals, caught on CCTV cameras, showed a man, donning a green T-shirt, casually walking inside the store. He spends a few seconds checking his surroundings and upon feeling safe, executes the theft.

The man picks up the mobile phone from the counter and walks away.

Speaking to Newslions, Tuntun Mahato, the victim and owner of the shop said that a complaint has been lodged with the local police. However, the thief is yet to be arrested.

“I am yet to get my mobile phone back,” Mahato said.

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