SDRF rescues victims of car accident in northern India

SDRF rescues victims of car accident in northern India

Team of SDRF rescued people who were injured after a massive car accident in northern India’s Uttarakhand.

The incident took place in Salurud area of Joshimath in Chamoli district on August 28.


Visuals showed amidst the darkness of the night, the scene of the accident was illuminated by the lights of the SDRF team’s operation. The rescue team worked diligently to assist the injured individuals, carefully transferring them into waiting ambulances. According to reports, the JoshiMath police informed the SDRF that a car accident had occurred in the Salurud area, approximately 2 kilometers from JoshiMath. Upon receiving this information, a rescue team from SDRF, led by HC Mahesh Aithani from JoshiMath, was dispatched to the accident site with necessary equipment.

The incident involved an Alto car (UK11B2096) that had veered off the road and fallen into a ravine approximately 100 meters deep. There were five people in the car. Amidst challenging conditions of dense darkness and difficult terrain, the SDRF rescue team swiftly conducted rescue and relief operations.

Two injured individuals were rescued and taken to the hospital. Unfortunately, one person had lost their life at the accident scene. The body was handed over to the district police. In addition, two individuals with minor injuries had managed to exit the vehicle on their own.


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