Snake enters classroom of school in central India

Snake enters classroom of school in central India

A snake strayed inside a school classroom in central India’s Chhattisgarh.

The incident took place in Beacon English School, Korba district on August 20.

Visuals showed a man climbing on tables kept one over another. He climbed to the top and started to pull out the snake that was hiding behind a pipe. He struggled for a while before getting hold of it and then climbed down.

The children gathered outside the classroom and started to clap at the successful capture of the reptile.

According to reports, the children of the school reached their classroom when suddenly a rat snake fell from the roof. As soon as it fell, all they were pulled out quickly to avoid any major accident. There was chaos among the children. They were made to stand outside the class in the field.

The snake rescue team of the district was immediately informed by the teacher Rajesh Kumar. Jitendra Sarathi, head forest department member, with his team reached the spot and carried out the rescue operation.

Sarathi told that there was a different curiosity among the children about the snake. He called the kids later on and gave information about the snake. Some children showed courage and tried to escape their fear by even touching the snake

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