Stray dog menace creates havoc in northern India

Stray dog menace creates havoc in northern India

Residents in northern India’s Uttar Pradesh, are grappling with a severe problem of stray dogs that has escalated into a public safety concern.

The incident took place in Bareilly on May 18.

Visuals showed two girls passing by a dog in a street where the dog suddenly started following the girls and then jumped on the other one. The one attacked by the dog got some assistance from the people nearby to get up and check if there were any injuries.




Increasing incidents of dog attacks have left the community on edge, prompting urgent calls for intervention from local authorities.



In recent months, Bareilly has seen a surge in the stray dog population, leading to numerous attacks on both children and adults. These incidents have resulted in serious injuries, with some requiring extensive medical treatment. Local hospitals have reported a rise in cases of dog bite-related injuries, adding to the community’s distress.


Residents have expressed their frustration and fear, citing a lack of effective measures from the municipal authorities to control the stray dog population.

The problem is compounded by the fact that many stray dogs in Bareilly are not vaccinated, raising concerns about the spread of diseases like rabies. Efforts by animal welfare groups to sterilize and vaccinate these dogs have been insufficient in curbing the growing menace.


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