Stray dogs attempt to attack girl on road in southern India

Stray dogs attempt to attack girl on road in southern India

Three stray dogs attempted to attack a girl on a road in southern India’s Andhra Pradesh before locals averted danger and shooed them off.

This incident happened on Sampath Nagar main road in Guntur district on January 9.


CCTV footage showed the chilling moment when the dogs tried to attack the girl. They ran towards the girl, who helplessly ran for her life. But they ended up cornering her on one side before pouncing on her. The girl fell down on the road in a bid to escape.

However, a woman was stationed right in the spot where this incident unfolded and she ensured that the dogs did no further harm to the girl by shooing them away. She then helped the girl back up on her feet. According to a report, she was shifted to the hospital where her injuries were treated. Surprisingly, this isn’t the first time that such an attack has taken place in this area.

Earlier, a six-year-old boy was attacked by dogs in this place and these incidents have irked the locals, who have blamed the municipal corporation for not taking action against the stray dog menace.

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