Suspect arrested in Reasi Terror Attack in deadly assault on pilgrims in northern India

Suspect arrested in Reasi Terror Attack in deadly assault on pilgrims in northern India

In a significant development following the tragic Reasi terror attack that claimed the lives of 10 pilgrims and left 33 injured in northern India’s Jammu and Kashmir police have apprehended a key suspect, Hakam Din, who allegedly aided the perpetrators in executing the assault.


The incident took place in Rajouri district on June 19.

Visuals showed the police team, with determined expressions etched on their faces, escorted the captured terrorist towards the police station. Flanked by armed officers in crisp uniforms, the suspect, his hands restrained, walked solemnly, surrounded by an aura of heightened security.


The arrest of Hakam Din, a 45-year-old resident of Rajouri, marks a crucial breakthrough in the investigation into the Reasi terror attack. According to Senior Superintendent of Police Mohita Sharma, Hakam Din was not the mastermind behind the attack but played a pivotal role in facilitating it. He allegedly provided crucial support to the terrorists, including shelter, food, and guidance, ultimately aiding them in reaching the attack site.


“Hakam Din was involved in harboring the terrorists on multiple occasions. He not only provided them with logistical support but also accompanied them to the location of the heinous crime,” SSP Mohita Sharma stated. She further revealed that Hakam Din confessed to being present at the attack site and assisting the terrorists in fleeing the area after the assault.


The terror incident occurred on June 10 when gunmen ambushed a bus carrying pilgrims from Uttar Pradesh who were returning from the Shiv Khori cave shrine to Katra. The assailants opened fire, causing the bus to plunge into a gorge on a remote link road in Jammu and Kashmir’s Reasi district. Prompt rescue efforts by locals and authorities, alongside a swift response from security forces, ensued in the aftermath of the attack.


In a bid to bring the perpetrators to justice, the J&K police had earlier circulated a sketch of one of the suspects involved and offered a substantial reward for information leading to their capture. The region, situated approximately 100 kilometers northwest of Jammu, remains under tight security measures as investigations continue.


With the arrest of Hakam Din and ongoing efforts to identify and apprehend other suspects, authorities aim to ensure accountability for the brutal attack that has shaken the region and sparked widespread condemnation.

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