Emergency in southern India: Cobra and 32 baby snakes found in family home

Emergency in southern India: Cobra and 32 baby snakes found in family home

Residents of a town in southern India’s Telangana, were plunged into a state of alarm when an unexpected discovery of snake babies sent shockwaves through the community. 

The incident took place in Nehru Basti in Kothagudem, a town in Bhadradri Kothagudem district on June 20.

Visuals showed the baby snakes captured inside a big glass jar scary yet somehow adorable.

In the household of a man, a nest of danger lurked unnoticed until a routine inspection of the home’s wall revealed an alarming sight—a cobra and an astonishing 32 baby snakes coiled in a crevice.

The family’s immediate reaction was one of sheer panic as they realised the potential peril posed by the venomous serpents inhabiting their dwelling. Without delay, they reached out to the skilled and courageous snake catcher Dattu, renowned in the region for their expertise in handling such precarious situations.

Upon arrival, the snake catcher Dattu swiftly assessed the gravity of the situation. With meticulous precision and utmost caution, they embarked on the delicate task of safely extracting the adult cobra and its 32 hatchlings from their hiding place within the wall. Each move was executed with calculated expertise, ensuring minimal disturbance that could agitate the already tense reptiles.

The operation unfolded under the watchful eyes of concerned neighbours, highlighting the community’s solidarity in times of crisis. After a tense and laborious effort spanning several hours, the team successfully secured the snakes in a specially designed plastic container, effectively neutralising the immediate threat to Raju’s household and the surrounding area.

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