Swift rescue saves four trapped in flash floods amid heavy rain in northern India

Swift rescue saves four trapped in flash floods amid heavy rain in northern India

Efforts by community members in northern India’s Jammu and Kashmir resulted in the safe rescue of four individuals caught in sudden flash floods, sparked by relentless rainfall.

The incident took place near Chhatral Nallah at Mendhar region of Poonch on April 15.

Visuals showed amidst heavy rainfall, a deluge engulfed a locality, submerging it under a blanket of water. In this dire situation, local residents sprang into action, exhibiting extraordinary courage and solidarity. Using ropes and exercising utmost caution, they skillfully rescued the stranded individuals, guiding them to safety through the perilous waters. This remarkable display of community spirit and bravery exemplifies the power of unity and compassion in times of adversity.

Speaking to Newslions, SHO of Mendhar police station said that four individuals found themselves ensnared by rapidly rising floodwaters in the Mendhar region of Poonch. The ordeal unfolded as relentless heavy rainfall pounded the area since yesterday evening, causing water levels to surge unexpectedly.

The victims, whose identities remain undisclosed, were reportedly trapped amidst the treacherous torrents of Chattral Nallah. As the situation escalated, locals sprang into action, launching a concerted effort to rescue the imperiled quartet.

The rescue operation, characterized by unwavering determination and bravery, witnessed the community’s solidarity in the face of adversity. Despite the formidable challenges posed by the tumultuous waters, the relentless efforts of the locals eventually succeeded in extricating the stranded individuals from imminent danger.


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