Tourists trapped in forest due to heavy monsoon rains in northern India

Tourists trapped in forest due to heavy monsoon rains in northern India

In a dramatic turn of events, tourists visiting northern India’s Uttarakhand found themselves stranded as heavy monsoon rains lashed the area, leading to a sudden rise in water levels and impassable paths. 


The incident took place in the Photo Zone of Ramnagar Terai West Forest Division, Nainital town on June 28.

Visuals showed the tourist’s safaris getting stuck in knee-deep water in the area because of heavy rains.


According to reports, the incident occurred amidst the onset of the monsoon season, prompting authorities to caution against further visits to forested areas.


Ramnagar, situated near the picturesque town of Nainital in Uttarakhand, India, is renowned for its lush greenery and wildlife sanctuaries, attracting nature enthusiasts and tourists alike. However, the recent downpour resulted in unforeseen challenges for visitors, necessitating immediate rescue efforts by local authorities.


“The monsoon has begun, and it’s crucial to avoid venturing into forested regions during heavy rainfall,” advised local officials, emphasizing the unpredictability of weather conditions in the region. The incident serves as a reminder for tourists to prioritise safety and adhere to weather advisories issued by authorities.


As the monsoon progresses, travelers are urged to exercise caution and stay updated on weather forecasts before planning outdoor activities in the region. Authorities continue to monitor the situation closely, ensuring the safety of all visitors amidst the natural beauty of Ramnagar and its surroundings.

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