Traditional bull race enthralls hundreds in northern India

Traditional bull race enthralls hundreds in northern India

A traditional bull race brought joy to millions in northern India’s Jammu and Kashmir.

The incident happened Chapri Thudi village in the Rajouri district on June 26.

Multiple visuals showed bulls racing across a muddy area in the village. In one video, bulls were locked in a race, whose intensity was such that a person who was holding a rope that kept the animals together, lost control and landed on the mud.

The bulls in these races were tied together in pairs with a wooden plank on their shoulders. These planks were then attached to a thick rope held by a person behind the bulls as they raced from one end of the muddy field to another. The animals also had bells tied to them.

One of the races started with the start of the drum beats.

Another visual also showed the bulls at one end of the muddy area. Some men were seen walking beside their respective bulls. 

A huge crowd gathered around the spot, cheering on the bulls as they raced. Drums and music were also played in the background, creating a festive atmosphere in the area.

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