Woman beats up elderly watchman with broomstick in northern India

Woman beats up elderly watchman with broomstick in northern India

A woman vented out her anger at a watchman and beat him up with a broomstick reportedly after a lift stopped at an apartment in northern India’s Uttar Pradesh.

This incident happened at Rainbow Apartment in Agra district on July 11.


CCTV footage captured the incident where the woman was seen unleashing a barrage of attacks with a broomstick on the elderly watchman inside the apartment premises. The lady came charging at him at first and in a matter of seconds, started to beat him up with the help of the broomstick. A young man followed the woman and watched as she beat this elderly man up and yelled at him. Another woman appeared at the scene and the lady concerned then walked up to her to explain all that had happened. She still took turns at hitting the man occasionally before the other woman stopped the assault. The man continued to argue with the elderly watchman all this while.

The lady eventually threw away the broom in anger and launched a verbal attack at the man who was seemingly trying to explain himself to the public present there. The elderly man wept bitterly after the attack. The police have taken cognizance of this matter and an investigation has been launched.

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