Wrestling arena altercation leaves players injured in northern India, case filed against multiple accused

Wrestling arena altercation leaves players injured in northern India, case filed against multiple accused

A brawl erupted at a government wrestling arena involving players in northern India’s Uttar Pradesh, resulting in serious injuries and prompting the filing of a case against several individuals.

The incident took place in Naurangpur village of Manesar Municipal Area of Naurangpur on April 9.

Visuals showed a chaotic scene unfolded as outsiders and wrestlers engaged in a violent altercation in the wrestling academy. The assailants were beating them with sticks and even lifting chairs to strike. This created a tumultuous atmosphere, filled with chaos and aggression.

In a government wrestling arena in Naurangpur, there was a brawl with players, and a case was filed against more than 15 accused.

A case has been registered against the youths of Shikohpur village based on the complaint of a wounded person and the investigation has started. On Tuesday, miscreants beat up players. Even by late evening, none of the accused could be arrested by the police.

The in-charge of Kherki Daula police station said that a case has been registered in this regard, and investigation has started. The accused will be arrested soon. Meanwhile, in CCTV footage, before this altercation, many youths are seen entering the arena gate. Based on this, the identification of the accused is being done. In the Kherki Daula police station area, Jagat runs a wrestling academy in Naurangpur village of Manesar Municipal Area. Many players come to practice in this academy.

On Tuesday morning, around 6 o’clock, when Jagat and another player were going to the academy in their car, two-three youths riding a bike stopped them and asked why they were driving so fast, dust was flying from the car. After a heated argument, Jagat went to the academy. But later, based on the statement of the injured Jagat of Shikohpur, a case was registered. Jagat said that he has participated once in national wrestling. He has also been a medalist in the state. His brother Ankesh is also a player in the state in the Nav Shakti academy. Meanwhile, Bar Gurjar resident Roshan is also a medalist in the state. There was only an argument over dust from the car. The youths of Shikohpur entered the academy and attacked with sticks and sticks, injuring them severely. 15-20 youths gathered at the gate of the academy and entered with sticks. As soon as they entered, Lokesh and three other players started beating them. The accused youths beat the players so much that two players were seriously injured. They also have fractures in their hands and heads.

Jagat, the director of the Navshakti Academy, said that the players have suffered serious injuries. Their treatment is being done in a private hospital. Jagat said that he received a phone call and when he reached the spot, the players of the academy were badly beaten. Meanwhile, the in-charge of Kherki Daula police station said that the identification of many youths has been done from CCTV footage, whose names have been given to the police. A minor is also included among the injured.

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