Speeding car hits moped, flips over and rams into divider in southern India

Speeding car hits moped, flips over and rams into divider in southern India

A speeding SUV lost control terribly and struck a moped before flipping over and ramming into a divider in southern India’s Tamil Nadu.

This incident happened in Villapuram in Madurai on April 10.

CCTV footage captured the chilling moment when the SUV lost control and crashed straight into the moped. It then veered off the path and flipped over before hitting the median and flying straight onto the divider on another road which was to the side. The SUV was badly wrecked as a result and so was the moped with the rider lying flat on the road. Parts of the vehicles scattered around on the roads where this horrific accident took place. According to a report, a man named Manikandan was returning home with his family in his SUV when he spotted the moped. In a bid to avoid hitting it, he tried to swerve the vehicle and ended up losing control, leading to this devastating accident.

Unfortunately, this accident led to several casualties. While Manikandan, the driver of the SUV escaped with minor injuries because of the airbag, others identified as  R Kanagavel, his wife, Krishnakumari, their daughter-in-law, Nagajothi and her daughter, Siva Athmika. G Pandi, the fruit vendor who was on his moped, also died in this accident. Four others, identified as Siva Shri, Siva Aditya, Rathnasamy and Meena sustained injuries and were rushed to a government hospital in Thirumangalam for treatment. A case has also been registered by the Kalligudi police who are investigating this matter.

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