Young woman successfully rescued after falling into well in southern India

Young woman successfully rescued after falling into well in southern India

A 23-year-old woman was rescued by the Fire and Rescue Service after she slipped and fell into a well while drawing water in southern India’s Kerala.


The incident took place in Kumaranalloor locality in Mukkam town in the Kozhikode district on June 20.


Visuals showed a woman who had fallen into a well was being pulled up by the rescue team using a rescue net and harness. With the help of ropes, they carefully lifted her out of the well, and within a few minutes, they had successfully brought her to safety.

In a dramatic rescue operation, K.V. Hasna, daughter of Abdul Gafoor from Kallivayalil, was saved by the Mukkam Fire and Rescue Service after she accidentally fell into a well on Thursday afternoon. The incident occurred around 1 PM while Hasna was drawing water. She lost her footing and fell into the well, which is 14 coils deep and contains some water.



Upon being alerted by her family, the rescue team from Mukkam promptly arrived at the scene. Using a rescue net and harness, they successfully pulled Hasna to safety. The operation was conducted by officers K.C. Abdussalim, K.P. Ameeruddin, P.P. Jamaluddin, J. Ajin, C.T. Shibin, and Home Guard C.F. Joshi.



Hasna sustained minor injuries and was immediately admitted to the hospital for further evaluation. Her family expressed immense gratitude to the rescue team for their swift and efficient action, which averted a potential tragedy.

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