111-year-old woman turns up to vote in western India

111-year-old woman turns up to vote in western India
An 111-year-old woman turned up to cast her vote in the western India’s Maharashtra as the Lok Sabha elections kickstarter.

This incident took place in Gadchiroli on April 19.

Visuals showed the elderly woman appear at the polling station. Identified as Phulmati, Binod Sarkar walked with a bent back and was helped by a man who held her documents. The woman had difficulty in walking but that didn’t stop her from casting her vote.

She was then seen standing by a table. The woman managed to cast her vote and she showed it by displaying the finger which was inked.
Phulmati Binod Sarkar, a resident of Govindpur in Mulchera taluka, is 111 years old. Born on 1 January 1913, she is unable to walk or hear due to her age. Accompanied by her grandson, she rode a bike to the polling station to cast her vote for Aadhaar, generating excitement among the voters. The dedication shown by Phulmati Sarkar, despite her age and physical limitations, was remarkable. Her enthusiasm for voting serves as an exemplary reminder, especially for the younger generation who may overlook the importance of participating in elections.
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