Chilling moment four-storey building collapses in northern India

Chilling moment four-storey building collapses in northern India

In a shocking development, a four-storey building collapsed in northern India’s Delhi.

This incident took place in Kalyanpuri area of East Delhi on April 20.

Visuals showed the horrifying moment when the four-storey building collapsed in the area. The massive structure came crumbling down and in a matter of seconds, all that remained was rubble. The building’s collapse was accompanied by dust clouding the whole area and people who were present nearby were seen moving away as this happened.

Police had barricaded this area after evacuating the building. As per a report, the building collapsed due to digging by the Public Works Department for a nearby drainage project. ““I had placed a call around 2.45 pm. PWD is constructing a drainage here. They are digging the ground quite deep. That caused the foundation of our building to weaken. So, our building collapsed. It collapsed within half an hour of their work being started…,” Ved Prakash, the owner of the building said. No casualties have been reported.

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