Fire broke out in truck loaded with LPG cylinder in northern India, several explosions reported

Fire broke out in truck loaded with LPG cylinder in northern India, several explosions reported

In a tragic incident, a truck loaded with LPG cylinders caught fire causing several massive explosions in northern India’s Uttar Pradesh.

The incident took place on Kashipura Highway in Moradabad on April 20.

The visuals showed massive explosions occurring while a few locals looked at the situation from a safe distance. In another scene, fire officials were seen trying to douse off the flames. Debris of the truck was seen in the area.

Speaking to Newslions, SHO Krishna Kumar said that a truck transporting LPG cylinders caught fire on the Kashipura Highway in Moradabad on Saturday afternoon, causing explosions that rattled the entire area. The incident occurred near village Sidhavali of Dilari police station area around 1.30 pm, ignited by a spark. The truck quickly became engulfed in flames, and the cylinders began exploding before the driver and Khalali could react. The blasts prompted nearby residents to flee their homes and shops for safety. Upon receiving the news, a heavy police presence arrived promptly, and the highway was closed for approximately 4 kilometers in both directions. Panic spread throughout Sidhavali village, with some residents fleeing and others seeking refuge indoors. As of now, there are no reports of casualties. Firefighters were called, but there was a delay in containing the blaze.

Reportedly, the truck was en route from Delhi to the IGL Factory in Kashipur Bazpur Road, carrying 400 cylinders. The driver had stopped near a field on the highway between Guldiya and Sidawali when a spark ignited the fire. The flames quickly spread to the truck’s tires, causing panic among bystanders. The fire then reached the cylinders, resulting in a series of explosions that sent many cylinders flying into the air and landing some distance away. For about an hour, authorities worked to manage the situation, with people initially fleeing before attempting to extinguish the flames using makeshift methods. Eventually, fire engines arrived and brought the situation under control.

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