Massive landslide strikes northern India

Massive landslide strikes northern India

Northern India’s Himachal Pradesh witnessed a massive landslide.

This incident took place in Sissu town in Lahaul and Spiti districts on April 20.

Visuals showed the landslide taking place at the venue which is known as ‘selfie point’. Massive chunks of the earth crumbled down the hilly area and landed beneath. There were some people who were present at the spot but were safe from the impact caused by the landslide.

An excavator was also seen in the area and it slowly took a reverse gear and backed away from the spot where this landslide took place.
Upon receiving news of the landslide, both the administration and the BRO team quickly responded to the scene. Despite efforts to reopen the road, frequent landslides from the hillside have prevented traffic restoration.
Poor weather persisted in Lahaul Valley on Saturday, with continuous rainfall in the lower areas of Kullu. Nevertheless, tourist traffic from Manali to Atal Tunnel remained unaffected. However, tourists have been unable to explore nearby areas due to the road closure. To mitigate potential risks, the Lahaul Spiti Police have stationed personnel at various locations and are actively informing tourists about the landslide situation to ensure their safety and convenience.

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