Crocodile bobs out of flooded drain in central India,rescued

Crocodile bobs out of flooded drain in central India,rescued

A crocodile was captured and rescued after it was spotted in a village drain in central India’s Madhya Pradesh.

This incident happened in Bhelda village of Chhatarpur district of the state on October 8.


Visuals showed the efforts being made to capture the crocodile. The reptile was inside the drain which was full of water and after a while, a man was seen tying a rope around its mouth so that it was unable to attack anyone with its massive jaws. The reptile was pulled out of the water with the help of ropes tied to it by locals as well as members of the forest department and later, was pinned to the ground with a stick as efforts to capture it were being made. The crocodile was eventually put behind a vehicle after being captured and escorted away from the place.

According to a report, some villagers, ploughing their tractors, spotted the reptile and informed the forest department who subsequently notified that they would arrive in the morning to capture the creature. The crocodile was spotted once again the next day and this time, was caught by the villagers who subsequently handed over the reptile to the forest department. Santosh Singh, Deputy Ranger of Forest Department said that the reptile would be released in the Sujara Dam.


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