Farmer grows 14-inch long bananas on farm in central India

A farmer in central India’s Madhya Pradesh grew 14-inch long bananas. The bananas in these farms are famous across the world.

The farm is located in the Barwani district.

Visuals shot on May 24, showed a farm filled with banana trees all over. Every tree had a number of bananas hanging.

According to reports, Arvind Jat, the farmer, grew 14-inch-long bananas on his farm. His bananas are very popular across the world. Big Indian companies buy bananas from this farm. They supply the fruit to Iran-Iraq as well.

Arvind Jat has planted a crop of G-9 variety of bananas on 6.15 acres of land. He plans to send the fruits over to the Guinness Book of World Records, hoping to register the record.

Twelve tonnes of bananas have been sent to Iran and Iraq in the month of May. The farmer said that the crop is being sold at three times the cost of preparing the crop.

The farmer has been cultivating bananas for the last 37 years. From this, it was realized how, when, and where much fertilizer is needed by the crop. Accordingly, manure was used in the crop. As a result, the crop was of very good quality and now it is being supplied abroad. Most of the bananas were found to be between 12 inches and 14 inches. The weight of a banana turned out to be more than 250 grams.

The fruit is sold at Rs 7 (USD 0.09) a kg in the local market and Rs 15.50 (0.20) a kg abroad.

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