Illegal weapons destroyed by roller in central India

Illegal weapons destroyed by roller in central India

A bundle of illegal weapons were destroyed by having a road roller run over them, in central India’s Madhya Pradesh.

This incident took place in Datia district on July 4.




Visuals showed the weapons laid on one stretch of the road. The area was demarcated as a steam roller crushed these weapons, reducing them to scrap. According to a report, these weapons included 619 illegal weapons, 680 live cartridges, 60 empty cartridges which were seized by the police stations of the district under the Arms Act. Cops stood around in the area as the weapons were destroyed by the roller.

This was done after a permission was obtained from the collector’s office. This also is a direct message for the miscreants who engage in acts like murder, loot and dacoity. These illegal weapons being crushed and destroyed also opened up spaces in the police stations. The Datia Superintendent of Police Pradeep Sharma shared that he would ensure that no illegal arms are manufactured and used in the region.

“A large number of illegal arms and ammunition was destroyed by the police at the Police Control Room in Datia,” he said, adding, “Keeping in mind the upcoming state elections, around 1,300 arms and ammunition were destroyed at the Control Room with permission from the Court. In future too, such strict action will be taken.”



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