Inferno at landfill site in northern India, people choke in smoke

Inferno at landfill site in northern India, people choke in smoke

Location Ghazipur, northern India's Delhi. Date: 2023-06-12

A fierce fire broke out at a landfill site in northern India’s Delhi, enveloping the area in thick smoke.

The incident took place in Ghazipur on June 12.


Visuals showed after the fire broke out in the entire landfill, thick smoke was spread, obscuring visibility in the area.

The fire spread over a large portion of the landfill due to the wind, making it difficult for the flames to extinguish. The smoke engulfed the surrounding areas, causing discomfort and difficulty in breathing for the people.

As soon as the information was received, 18 fire brigade vehicles and a robot were deployed to combat the fire. Even after seven hours, the fire could not be brought under control. The fire department and municipal teams were actively engaged in efforts to contain the fire. According to the fire department, the incident was reported at 1:40 pm on Monday.

Reaching the section of the landfill where the fire occurred was challenging for the fire brigade vehicles. Attempts were made using bulldozers from the municipality to control the fire, but the strong wind caused the fire to rapidly spread across the landfill. The fire’s intensity inside the waste made it difficult for the fire department and municipal teams to handle the situation.

Officials mentioned that the emission of methane gas is higher in the landfill waste, leading to the ignition of the fire. The fire emits toxic gases such as carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen dioxide. Teams from the fire department and the municipality have joined forces to gain control over the fire.

The colonies surrounding the landfill, including Ghazipur, Mayur Vihar Phase 3, Mulla Colony, Kondli, Khoda, and other areas, were engulfed in smoke.

Local residents demand a permanent solution to prevent fires at the landfill. In 2020, a fire had burned at the landfill for five consecutive days, posing a significant challenge for the fire department and municipality to extinguish it.


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