Leopard, cat rescued after falling into well in western India

Leopard, cat rescued after falling into well in western India

A leopard and a cat were rescued after they fell into a well in western India’s Maharashtra.

The incident is reported to have happened in Ashapur village, Nashik on February 14.

Visuals showed the leopard and cat inside the well after they fell into it. While the leopard was still, the cat tried jumping on its back to get out of the well with its efforts failing. The leopard was later seen in a cage as it was brought out of the well.

According to a report, this might have happened when the leopard was chasing the cat and both then ended up into the well, which didn’t have any protective wall around it. The report adds that the two trapped animals were spotted by a farmer, who informed the police and forest department.



It was learnt that the leopard, aged two and a half years, had managed to sit on a small platform meant for keeping the water pump in the well while the cat fell into the water. The car was rescued with the help of a basket into which it jumped while the leopard was pulled out using a cage.

The big cat was reportedly taken to the Mohdari Malegaon forest park and will be released into the wild after a few tests.

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