Leopard cub rescued after falling into well in central India

Leopard cub rescued after falling into well in central India

A leopard cub was rescued after it fell into a well in central India’s Madhya Pradesh.

This happened in Sanda village of Alirajpur district of the state on October 22.


Visuals showed the efforts being made to rescue the wild animal. Officials of the forest department as well as locals were seen carrying a cage towards the well and they tied it with ropes before lowering it into the water. The leopard cub was heard growling and later, was spotted entering into the cage after which, its gate was shut. The capturing of the wild animal led to a round of applause from the people present at the spot. It was then taken up and carried away.

According to a report, the leopard cub was aged just eight months and was separated from its mother. The forest department was informed about this incident and they rushed to the spot to rescue the animal. After about four hours of hard work, the forest department brought him out safely. It is being said that the leopard had gone out for hunting, during which he fell into the well. Where there was a well, there were fields and houses of villagers nearby. The little leopard was then released in the Dobariya forest of Katthiwada.


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