Thief hides inside machine in attempt to evade police in central India

Thief hides inside machine in attempt to evade police in central India

In a bizarre incident in central India’s Madhya Pradesh, a clever thief found himself in a tight spot as he had to hide inside a cooler.

The incident took place in the Devas district on August 31.


Visuals showed after spotting the police, a thief was emerging from a cooler, looking visibly frightened.

The thief, named Ajay alias Kalu, hid in a cooler out of fear of the police, and it left him sweating profusely. The police eventually located him and arrested him. Ajay’s father’s name is Keshar, and he hails from Rajaur in Khategaon.

When the police reached his house and found him hiding inside the cooler, they tried to reason with him, emphasizing that nothing was worth risking his life. The video of the thief trapped inside the cooler has now gone viral. Tahzeeb Kazi, the in-charge of the Kannaud police station, revealed that the Kannaud police team arrested a total of six suspects who were involved in thefts at schools and shops, as well as motorcycle thefts.

Ajay from Khategaon is a notorious criminal with 24 cases registered against him. Other accomplices informed the police that Ajay was involved in disposing of stolen goods. Due to his reputation for jumping walls and fleeing, the police conducted a thorough search. They surrounded him from all sides and, when they couldn’t find him, searched his house. It was then revealed that he had hidden himself inside the cooler. The police safely extracted him from the cooler and arrested him.

When the police asked him why he had hidden in such a manner, he explained that he had been involved in a dispute with someone the previous day. That person had filed a complaint against him with the police, which is why he hid out of fear. When Ajay was coming out of the cooler, he was visibly frightened. However, the police officers did not use force but instead tried to reason with him. Afterward, he was taken into custody for further questioning.



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