Three-year-old accidentally swallows coin, extracted by doctor in northern India

A coin was extracted from a child’s stomach after it was swollen by the three-year-old in northern India’s Punjab.

The incident took place on March 18. The extraction procedure was done by a doctor at a clinic in Bhatinda city of the eponymous district on the same day.

Visuals showed the doctor using an endoscopic to reveal the presence of the foreign body stuck inside the child’s food pipe.

Performing the procedure, Gagandeep Goyal, the doctor, is heard saying that the coin is stuck in an uncomfortable position. After a few tries, the doctor is able to fish it out from the patient’s stomach in under two minutes.

Speaking to Newslions Media Network, Dr Goyal, D.M. Gastroenterologist, said, “This is a stark reminder for parents to be more watchful towards their children. We often see children swallowing foreign bodies, be it a coin of hair clips or even needles and suffering after that. This can seriously affect the stomach.”

Dr Goyal said that the patient, Gurveer, was rushed to his hospital- R Gagan Gastro Care- after the child told his parents about swallowing the coin.

The procedure was completed by the doctor with the help of anesthetist Dr. Johnpal Sidhu, technicians Mr Balkaran, Mr Jeetu and Mr Aman.

The patient was discharged two hours after the procedure.

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