Woman blames biker after falling off her scooter in central India

Woman blames biker after falling off her scooter in central India

A woman blamed a biker riding behind them after she and her companion fell off a scooter in the middle of a road in central India’s Madhya Pradesh.

The incident took place at the VIP road junction of Bhopal district on May 6.

Visuals showed the woman and a man travelling on their scooter when their vehicle lost balance suddenly and they fell in the middle of the road. The woman got up and surprisingly started to blame the biker behind her for this accident.

The man on the bike behind them stopped right away to check if they were fine. The woman charged towards the biker and asked if he “can’t see and ride”. The young man stated that the bike did not even touch the scooter, to which she replied back, arguing that their two-wheeler could not have fallen on its own.

Speaking to Newslions, Mohammad Sufiyan Siddiqui, the biker on whose helmet a camera was mounted that recorded the whole incident, revealed that the woman later snatched his phone and warned him that she would complain about the incident to the police. A few people had started to gather at the spot of this incident, thinking that he was trying to eve-tease the woman.

Sufiyan gave his bike keys as an assurance that he would not run away and that he had done nothing wrong. They reached a nearby police station where he showed the video of this incident and proved his innocence. The woman refused to take any assistance from the rider and left the place.

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