Woman gives birth to four-legged girl in central India

Woman gives birth to four-legged girl in central India

A woman gave birth to a girl who had four legs in central India’s Madhya Pradesh.

The incident happened at the Women and Child Pediatrics Department of Kamla Raja Hospital in Gwalior on December 14.

According to a report, the baby girl was born to a woman named Aarti Khuswaha from Sikandar Kampoo, Gwalior. She weighs 2.3 kg (5.071 lbs) and is completely healthy. Dr. RKS Dhakad of the Jayarogya Hospital Group, this child suffers from a medical condition called ‘Ischiopagus’. He said, “When the embryo divides into two parts, the body develops at two places. The lower part, below the waist of this baby girl, has developed two extra legs but those legs are inactive.”

He further added the child is being checked by other doctors of the Pediatrics department to find if she has any other deformity. If she is healthy after the examinations, the two extra legs will be surgically removed. This is Aarti’s third child.

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